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In addition to teaching at Swarthmore College in the Philadelphia, PA area, I teach taiko drum classes and private lessons all over!

 For inquiries and more information, please contact me here.



I am available for 2~3 hour, all-day, or multiple day workshops in taiko drumming focusing on a variety of topics.  

I am flexible to your skill level - whether you are completely new to taiko drumming or a seasoned practitioner!

For inquiries and more information including instruction fees, please contact me here

For a list of sample topics I've taught, please see below topics, or, for a PDF list document please click here   Don't see what you're looking for?  Please feel free to contact me directly!


Workshops Taught as of 2018

Betta-uchi/Fuse-uchi/Taira-uchi – Basic through Advanced Fundamentals Betta-uchi/Fuse-uchi/Taira-uchi - Fun with Choreography!

Shimedaiko - Fundamentals

Body and Movement Awareness

Body Care and Stretching for Taiko

Miyake (Yokouchi) – Musicality, Technique, and Physical Fundamentals

Miyake (Yokouchi) - Soloing

Kyo-Jaku and On-Shoku - Dynamics and Sound Palette for All Taiko

Odaiko – Fundamentals

Odaiko - Introduction to Soloing

Odaiko - Dynamics (Kyo-Jaku and On-Shoku)

Odaiko - Solo Creativity and Composition

Odaiko - Original Piece Bounding

Yatai Bayashi – Fundamentals for Chudaiko

Yatai Bayashi - Fundamentals for Shimedaiko - Tamaire and Ji Playing

Taiko Set - Double-drum/multi-drum set techniques and drills

I am developing workshop material for:

Composition & Choreographic Approaches

Endurance Training (Multiple Forms)

Solo Trading Structures Performative/Acting Training

Uchiwadaiko: Games and Choreography

'Ma': Understanding Space-Time and the Body

Taiko Set - Multi-drum musicality and improvisation (2 drum) Taiko Set- 3+ drum drills

Original Piece: Sagashi

I can also teach:

-Slant/Naname-uchi fundamentals

-Group Repertory Clinic: Constructive artistic and/or technical feedback to facilitate and develop higher quality performances of a taiko group or ensemble.

-Repertory Clinic for Groups/Ensembles

-Developing Performativity

-Kyoyo -Signature repertory piece of professional taiko solo artist Kimura Yuichi (Daichi no Kai, Fu-Un no Kai, former member of Wadaiko Matsumura Gumi)

-Sling/Katsugi Okedo basics.

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